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Availability: In stock

Key attributes of homeopathic single remedy Chamomilla are Acidity, Belchings, Baby Colic, Cramps, Dentition, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Dyspepsia, Earache, Fevers, Flatulence, Menstrual cramps, Rheumatism, Sciatic pain, Spasms, Teething troubles, Toothache.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine that works naturally

  • No side effects, no drug interactions, no contraindications

  • Can be safely used along with other medications

  • Lactose free pellets dissolve instantly 

All product variants are listed below; 30C is the lowest homeopathic potency or drug strength. The smallest pack size available is 400 pellets which has approx 80 doses (4-5 pellets make one dose).

Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 60.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 30C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 90.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 200C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 65.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 200C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 95.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 1M - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 75.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 1M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 115.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 10M - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 95.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA 10M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 135.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA CM - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 165.00
Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

CHAMOMILLA CM - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 245.00
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Product Description

Key attributes of homeopathic single remedy Chamomilla are Acidity, Belchings, Baby Colic, Cramps, Dentition, Diarrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Dyspepsia, Earache, Fevers, Flatulence, Menstrual cramps, Rheumatism, Sciatic pain, Spasms, Teething troubles, Toothache.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine that works naturally
  • No side effects, no drug interactions, no contraindications
  • Can be safely used along with other medications
  • Lactose free pellets dissolve instantly 

Indications: Chamomilla is a chief remedy suited especially to baby's colic and teething troubles. The baby has very irritable temperament. Quiet only when carried. The baby is very irritable, cross, uncivil. Child cannot bear any one near him and cannot bear to be spoken to. Child may suffer from diarrhoea during dentition which is greenish, hot, very offensive like rotten eggs. Chamomilla is useful in toothache caused by taking anything warm, on entering a warm room, taking coffee and also during menses or pregnancy. Toothache relieved in wet weather. Chamomilla also helps in earache in teething children. Also convulsions of children from nursing after a fit of anger in the mother.

Chamomilla is also indicated in acidity, belchings, dyspepsia, cramps etc caused due to anger. It also helps in rheumatism and menstrual cramps. There is violent rheumatic pains which drives the patient out of bed at night, compels the patient to walk about. Oversensitiveness to pain. Pain and numbness of joints worse from heat and better in warm wet weather. Chamomilla is also useful in sciatic pain with numbness of the affected part with burning soles. During menstrual cramps there is unbearable, spasmodic, tearing pain down the legs and pressing upwards.

Directions: Please refer the dosage instructions given on the product pack or use the product as directed by your physician.

Warnings: This product is to be used for self-limiting conditions. If symptoms do not improve in 4 days or worsen, discontinue use and seek assistance of a health professional * As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby seek professional advise before taking this product * Keep this and all medicine out of reach of children * Store in a cool dark place * Do not use if cap seal is broken or missing * Close cap tightly after use.

Additional Information
Product NameSKUEAN-13
CHAMOMILLA 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)10123528907460123527
CHAMOMILLA 30C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10123548907460123541
CHAMOMILLA 200C - 400 Pellets (4dm)10123628907460123626
CHAMOMILLA 200C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10123648907460123640
CHAMOMILLA 1M - 400 Pellets (4dm)10123728907460123725
CHAMOMILLA 1M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10123748907460123749
CHAMOMILLA 10M - 400 Pellets (4dm)10123828907460123824
CHAMOMILLA 10M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10123848907460123848
CHAMOMILLA CM - 400 Pellets (4dm)10123928907460123923
CHAMOMILLA CM - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10123948907460123947
Materia Medica

Every homeopathic remedy is explained in detail by William Boericke, M.D. in the Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory, a book which is highly respected by the homeopathy profession. The following text is excerpted from that book and explains the symptoms covered by this remedy:

Common name: German Chamomile

The chief guiding symptoms belong to the mental and emotion group, which lead to this remedy in many forms of disease. Especially of frequent employment in diseases of children, where peevishness, restlessness, and colic give the needful indications. A disposition that is mild, calm and gentle; sluggish and constipated bowels contra-indicate chamomilla.

Chamomilla is sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot, and numb. Oversensitiveness from abuse of coffee and narcotics. Pains unendurable, associated with numbness. Night-sweats.

Mind: Whining restlessness. Child wants many things which he refuses again. Piteous moaning because he cannot have what he wants. Child can only be quieted when carried about and petted constantly. Impatient, intolerant of being spoken to or interrupted; extremely sensitive to every pain; always complaining. Spiteful, snappish. Complaints from anger and vexation. Mental calmness contraindicates Chamom.

Head: Throbbing headache in one-half of the brain. Inclined to bend head backward. Hot, clammy sweat on forehead and scalp.

Ears: Ringing in ears. Earache, with soreness; swelling and heat driving patient frantic. Stitching pain. Ears feel stopped.

Eyes: Lids smart. Yellow sclerotic. Spasmodic closing of lids.

Nose: Sensitive to all smells. Coryza, with inability to sleep.

Face: One cheek red and hot; the other pale and cold. Stitches in jaw extending to inner ear and teeth. Teeth ache worse after warm drink; worse, coffee, at night. Drives to distraction. Jerking of tongue and facial muscles. Distress of teething children (Calc phos; Terebinth).

Throat: Parotid and submaxillary glands swollen. Constriction and pain as from a plug.

Mouth: Toothache, if anything warm is taken, from coffee, during pregnancy. Nightly salivation.

Stomach: Eructations, foul. Nausea after coffee. Sweats after eating or drinking. Aversion to warm drinks. Tongue yellow; taste bitter. Bilious vomiting. Acid rising; regurgitation of food. Bitter, bilious vomiting. Pressive gastralgia, as from a stone (Bry; Abies n).

Abdomen: Distended. Griping in region of navel, and pain in small of back. Flatulent colic, after anger, with red cheeks and hot perspiration. Hepatic colic. Acute duodenitis (Kali bich (chronic)).

Stool: Hot, green, watery, fetid, slimy, with colic. Chopped white and yellow mucus like chopped eggs and spinach. Soreness of anus. Diarrhœa during dentition. Hæmorrhoids, with painful fissures.

Female: Uterine hæmorrhages. Profuse discharge of clotted, dark blood, with labor-like pains. Labor pains spasmodic; press upward (Gels). Patient intolerant of pain (Caul; Caust; Gels; Hyos; Puls). Nipples inflamed; tender to touch. Infant's breasts tender. Yellow, acrid leucorrhœa (Ars; Sep; Sulph).

Respiratory: Hoarseness, hawking, rawness of larynx. Irritable, dry, tickling cough; suffocative tightness of chest, with bitter expectoration in daytime. Rattling of mucus in child's chest.

Back: Insupportable pain in loins and hips. Lumbago. Stiffness of neck muscles.

Extremities: Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed at night; compelled to walk about. Burning of soles at night (Sulph). Ankles give way in the afternoon. Nightly paralytic loss of power in the feet, unable to step on them.

Sleep: Drowsiness with moaning, weeping and wailing during sleep; anxious, frightened dreams, with half-open eyes.

Modalities: Worse, by heat, anger, open air, wind, night. Better, from being carried, warm wet weather.

Relationship: Compare: Cypriped; Anthemis; Aconite; Puls; Coffea; Bellad; Staphis; Ignat. Follows Belladonna in diseases of children and abuse of opium. Rubus villosus-Blackberry--(diarrhœa of infancy; stools watery and clay colored).

Antidotes: Camph; Nux; Puls.

Complementary: Bell; Mag c.

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