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Availability: In stock

Key attributes of homeopathic single remedy Colocynthis are Abdominal Cramps, Colic, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual colic, Rheumatism, Sciatic pain, Uterus and vaginal pains.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine that works naturally

  • No side effects; no drug interactions

  • Can be safely used along with other medications

  • Lactose free pellets dissolve instantly

All product variants are listed below; 30C is the lowest homeopathic potency or drug strength. The smallest pack size available is 400 pellets which has approx 80 doses (4-5 pellets make one dose).

Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 60.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 30C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 90.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 200C - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 65.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 200C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 95.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 1M - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 75.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 1M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 115.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 10M - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 95.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS 10M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 135.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS CM - 400 Pellets (4dm)

Rs. 165.00
Colocynthis Homeopathic Remedy

COLOCYNTHIS CM - 750 Pellets (1Oz)

Rs. 245.00
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Product Description

Key attributes of homeopathic single remedy Colocynthis are Abdominal Cramps, Colic, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual colic, Rheumatism, Sciatic pain, Uterus and vaginal pains.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine that works naturally
  • No side effects; no drug interactions
  • Can be safely used along with other medications
  • Lactose free pellets dissolve instantly

Indications: Colocynthis is a suitable remedy for abdominal cramps and colic.Colicky pain felt in the whole abdomen. Pain is caused due to anger with indignation, vexation, exposure to cold or from suppressed menses. There is terrible agonising pain in the abdomen which compels the patient to bend double. The pain comes in paroxysms and becomes severe in few minutes. Pain is violent and gripping type. Abdomen is very sensitive to touch. The patient twists and turns to get relief. Pain is worse from eating, drinking and by touch and is better from bending double, hard pressure and discharge of flatus. Colocynthis is also useful in dysmenorrhea and menstual colic. Colocynthis also helps in uterine and vaginal pains.

Colocynthis is also useful in the treatment of dysentry and diarrhea. There is frequent excessive urge to stools. There is a sensation of weakness in rectum and anus. Stool contans mucus and blood and is foamy with tenesmus. Feeling of emptyness in stomach during diarrhea. There is pain in goins and both sides abdomen with diarrhea and dysentry. Urge for stool after least food and drink.

Colocynthis is also indicated in sciatica especially left sided. There is crampy pain in the hip, as though screwed in a vice. Pain is of shooting type, like lightning shocks extending down the whole limb. Pain down both hips and thighs and also sometimes from hip to back of knee. It is a drawing cramping, tearing pain better from heavy pressure, lying on affected side and heat. Left sided neuralgia with tearing shooting pains and swelling of face. Contraction of muscles causing limbs to be drawn together.

Directions: Please refer the dosage instructions given on the product pack or use the product as directed by your physician.

Warnings: This product is to be used for self-limiting conditions. If symptoms do not improve in 4 days or worsen, discontinue use and seek assistance of a health professional * As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby seek professional advise before taking this product * Keep this and all medicine out of reach of children * Store in a cool dark place * Do not use if cap seal is broken or missing * Close cap tightly after use.

Additional Information
Product NameSKUEAN-13
COLOCYNTHIS 30C - 400 Pellets (4dm)10152528907460152527
COLOCYNTHIS 30C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10152548907460152541
COLOCYNTHIS 200C - 400 Pellets (4dm)10152628907460152626
COLOCYNTHIS 200C - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10152648907460152640
COLOCYNTHIS 1M - 400 Pellets (4dm)10152728907460152725
COLOCYNTHIS 1M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10152748907460152749
COLOCYNTHIS 10M - 400 Pellets (4dm)10152828907460152824
COLOCYNTHIS 10M - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10152848907460152848
COLOCYNTHIS CM - 400 Pellets (4dm)10152928907460152923
COLOCYNTHIS CM - 750 Pellets (1Oz)10152948907460152947
Materia Medica

Every homeopathic remedy is explained in detail by William Boericke, M.D. in the Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory, a book which is highly respected by the homeopathy profession. The following text is excerpted from that book and explains the symptoms covered by this remedy:

Common name: Bitter Cucumber

Often indicated in the transition season when the air is cold, but the sun is still powerful enough to heat the blood.

Develops most of its symptoms in the abdomen and head, causing intense neuralgias. It is especially suitable for irritable persons easily angered, and ill effects therefrom. Women with copious menstruation, and of sedentary habits. Persons with a tendency to corpulency. The neuralgic pains are nearly always relieved by pressure. Cramps and twitching and shortening of muscles. Constrictions and contractions. Cystospasm following operations on orifices (Hyper). Urinous odor of perspiration (Berb; Nitr ac). Agonizing pain in abdomen, causing patient to bend double, is most characteristic. Sensations; cutting, twisting, grinding, contracting and bruised; as if clamped with iron bands.

Mind: Extremely irritable. Becomes angry when questioned. Mortification caused by offense. Anger, with indignation (Cham; Bry; Nux).

Head: Vertigo when turning head to the left. Lateral cutting headache, with nausea, vomiting. Pains (better pressure and heat), with soreness of scalp. Burning pains, digging, rending, and tearing. Frontal headache; worse, stooping, lying on back, and moving eyelids.

Eyes: Pains sharp, boring, better pressure. Sensation on stooping, as if eye would fall out. Gouty affections of eyes. Violent pain in eyeballs which precede the development of glaucoma.

Face: Tearing, shooting, and swelling of face; left side great soreness. Get relief from pressure (China). Neuralgia, with chilliness; teeth seem too long. Sounds re-echo in ears. Pain in stomach, always with pain of teeth or head.

Stomach: Very bitter taste. Tongue rough, as from sand, and feels scalded. Canine hunger. Feeling in stomach as if something would not yield; drawing pain.

Abdomen: Agonizing cutting pain in abdomen causing patient to end over double, and pressing on the abdomen. Sensation as if stones were being ground together in the abdomen, and would burst. Intestines feel as if bruised. Colic with cramps in calves. Cutting in abdomen, especially after anger. Each paroxysm is attended with general agitation and a chill over the cheeks, ascending from the hypogastrium. Pain in small spot below navel. Dysenteric stool renewed each time by the least food or drink. Jelly-like stools. Musty odor. Distention.

Female: Boring pain in ovary. Must draw up double, with great restlessness. Round, small cystic tumors in ovaries or broad ligaments. Wants abdomen supported by pressure. Bearing-down cramps, causing her to bend double (Opium).

Urine: Intense burning along urethra during stool. Vesical catarrh, discharge like fresh white of egg. Viscid (Phos acid) fetid; small quantities, with frequent urging. Itching at orifice. Red, hard crystals, adhering firmly to vessel. Tenesmus of bladder. Pains on urinating over whole abdomen.

Extremities: Contraction of muscles. All the limbs are drawn together. Pain in right deltoid (Guaco). Cramp-like pain in hip; lies on affected side; pain from hip to knee. Spontaneous luxation of the hip-joints. Stiffness of joints and shortening of tendons. Sciatic pain, left side, drawing, tearing; better, pressure and heat; worse, gentle touch. Contraction of the muscles. Pain down right thigh; muscles and tendons feel too short; numbness with pains (Gnaphal). Pain in left knee joint.

Modalities: Worse, from anger and indignation. Better, doubling up, hard pressure, warmth, lying with head bent forward.

Relationship: Antidote: Coffea; Staphis; Cham. Colocynth is the best antidote to lead poisoning (Royal).

Compare: Lobelia erinus (violent cork-screw-like pains in abdomen). Dipodium punctatum (Writhing. Twisting like a dying snake. Intractable insomnia). Dioscor; Chamom; Coccul; Merc; Plum; Magn phos.

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