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Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Availability: In stock

Learn about the signs, symptoms and homeopathic remedies for Constipation.

  • Over the Counter (OTC) homeopathic medicine that works naturally

  • No side effects; no drug interactions

  • Can be safely used along with other medications

  • Remedies are selected by experienced professionals

Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Rxhomeo Alumina 30C - 250 Pellets

Regular Price: Rs. 150.00

Special Price Rs. 100.00

Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Rxhomeo Bryonia Alba 30C - 250 Pellets

Regular Price: Rs. 150.00

Special Price Rs. 100.00

Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Rxhomeo Nux Vomica 30C - 250 Pellets

Regular Price: Rs. 150.00

Special Price Rs. 100.00

Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

SILICEA 6X - 250 Tablets (1Oz)

Rs. 76.50
Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Rxhomeo Sulphur 30C - 250 Pellets

Regular Price: Rs. 150.00

Special Price Rs. 100.00

Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Rxhomeo COMBO # 44 - Constipation

Rs. 121.50
Constipation - remedies in homeopathy

Bio-Combination # 4 - Constipation

Rs. 76.50
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Product Description


It is symptom, not a disease.

Bowel contents are retained in the large intestine and rectum during constipation.Sometimes there is obstinate constipation during which faeces are long retained in the intestines ( for more than 48hrs ).
But the duration of constipation is only relative, because in many cases it is not the result of pathology, but of the living conditions and nutrition.

If vegetable food dominates in the diet, the subject may defaecate two or three times a day.Stools become rarer if the diet is rich in meat. A radical change in nutrition can remove constipation.
The main factor determining defecation is the condition of intestinal motor function.

Organic and functional constipation is differentiated.

Organic constipation is usually associated with

1.Mechanical obstruction, such as narrowing of the intestinal lumen due to tumor, scar, adhesion.

2.Abnormalities in the intestine.

Functional constipation is sub divided into

1.Alimentary constipation, which is due to ingestion of easily assimilable foods, which leave small residue and normally stimulate peristalsis of the intestine by irritating its nervous receptors.

2.Neurogenic constipation due to dysfunction of the vagus nerve, caused by the reflex action on the intestinal motor function of another affected organ (cholecystitis, prostatitis) or by organic affections of central nervous system (brain tumour, encephalitis).

3.Constipation associated with inflammatory affections, mainly of
the large intestine (dysentery).

4.Toxic constipation occurring in exogenous poisoning with lead, morphine, cocaine.

5.Constipation due to endocrinal causes, occurring in thyroid and pituitary hypofunction.

6.Constipation caused by lack of physical exercise.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Chief Remedies:

Alumina: inactivity of rectum; even soft stools require great straining; stools adhere to parts.

Bryonia: hard, dry stools look burnt and knotty; great dryness, lips parched; increased thirst.

Nux Vomica: frequent ineffectual desire and urge to pass stools; small quantities of stools at each attempt; constipation of sedentary persons.

Silicea: sensation as if rectum has no power to expel stools; stools recede back after being partly expelled.

Sulphur: stools hard; first effort often painful, compelling one to desist.

Other Remedies:

Rxhomeo COMBO # 44: A homeopathic combination pack with two single remedies Alumen and Kali Muriaticum for relief of constipation.

Bio-Combination#4: This remedy helps in dull headache, foul breath, and coated tongue. Bowels are constipated without apparent cause, liver torpid, stools dry, and black; It is also useful for foul breath and bad taste in mouth, tongue coated.

Additional Information
Product NameSKUEAN-13
Rxhomeo Alumina 30C - 250 Pellets10022528907460022523
Rxhomeo Bryonia Alba 30C - 250 Pellets10087528907460087522
Rxhomeo Nux Vomica 30C - 250 Pellets10317528907460317520
SILICEA 6X - 250 Tablets (1Oz)10685148907460685148
Rxhomeo Sulphur 30C - 250 Pellets10420528907460420527
Rxhomeo COMBO # 44 - Constipation12494008907460788009
Bio-Combination # 4 - Constipation12359048907460720047
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